Skills Review Handbook (Middle School)

Topic 1: Whole Numbers

1.1 Rounding Whole Numbers Answers|Exercise
1.2 Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers Answers|Exercise
1.3 Multiplying Whole Numbers Answers|Exercise
1.4 Dividing Whole Numbers Answers|Exercise
1.5 Writing Whole Number Expressions Answers|Exercise

Topic 2: Factors and Multiples

2.1 Factors of Whole Numbers Answers|Exercise
2.2 Divisibility Tests Answers|Exercise
2.3 Prime and Composite Numbers Answers|Exercise
2.4 Multiples of Whole Numbers Answers|Exercise
2.5 Least Common Multiple Answers|Exercise
2.6 Greatest Common Factor Answers|Exercise

Topic 3: Number Properties

3.1 Commutative and Associative Properties Answers|Exercise
3.2 Distributive Property Answers|Exercise
3.3 Exponents Answers|Exercise
3.4 Order of Operations Answers|Exercise
3.5 Cubes Answers|Exercise

Topic 4: Integers

4.1 Comparing, Ordering, and Graphing Integers Answers|Exercise
4.2 Coordinate Plane Answers|Exercise
4.3 Adding and Subtracting Integers Answers|Exercise
4.4 Multiplying and Dividing Integers Answers|Exercise

Topic 5: Fractions

5.1 Equivalent Fractions Answers|Exercise
5.2 Simplifying Fractions Answers|Exercise
5.3 Estimating Fraction Sums and Differences Answers|Exercise
5.4 Comparing and Ordering Fractions Answers|Exercise

Topic 6: Operations with Fractions

6.1 Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Like Denominators Answers|Exercise
6.2 Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators Answers|Exercise
6.3 Multiplying Fractions Answers|Exercise
6.4 Dividing Fractions Answers|Exercise
6.5 Simplifying Complex Fractions Answers|Exercise

Topic 7: Mixed Numbers

7.1 Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions Answers|Exercise
7.2 Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers Answers|Exercise
7.3 Multiplying Mixed Numbers Answers|Exercise
7.4 Dividing Mixed Numbers Answers|Exercise

Topic 8: Decimals

8.1 Decimal Place Value Answers|Exercise
8.2 Comparing and Ordering Decimals Answers|Exercise
8.3 Fractions and Decimals Answers|Exercise
8.4 Rounding Decimals Answers|Exercise

Topic 9: Operations with Decimals

9.1 Estimating Decimal Sums and Differences Answers|Exercise
9.2 Adding and Subtracting Decimals Answers|Exercise
9.3 Multiplying Decimals Answers|Exercise
9.4 Dividing Decimals Answers|Exercise

Topic 10: Percents

10.1 Percents Answers|Exercise
10.2 Percents and Fractions Answers|Exercise
10.3 Percents and Decimals Answers|Exercise
10.4 Finding the Percent of a Number Answers|Exercise
10.5 Comparing Percents Answers|Exercise
10.6 Estimating and Finding a Discount Answers|Exercise
10.7 Estimating and Finding a Sales Tax Answers|Exercise
10.8 Estimating and Finding a Tip Answers|Exercise
10.9 Percents: Finding the Whole Answers|Exercise

Topic 11: Perimeter and Area

11.1 Perimeter Answers|Exercise
11.2 Area Answers|Exercise
11.3 Circles and Circumference Answers|Exercise
11.4 Areas of Circles Answers|Exercise
11.5 Quadrilaterals Answers|Exercise

Topic 12: Surface Area of Solids

12.1 Faces, Edges, and Vertices Answers|Exercise
12.2 Surface Areas of Prisms Answers|Exercise
12.3 Surface Areas of Cylinders Answers|Exercise
12.4 Surface Areas of Pyramids and Cones Answers|Exercise

Topic 13: Volume of Solids

13.1 Volumes of Prisms Answers|Exercise
13.2 Volumes of Cylinders Answers|Exercise
13.3 Volumes of Pyramids Answers|Exercise
13.4 Volumes of Cones Answers|Exercise

Topic 14: Angles, Similarity, and Symmetry

14.1 Angles Answers|Exercise
14.2 Similar Figures Answers|Exercise
14.3 Line Symmetry Answers|Exercise
14.4 Rotational Symmetry Answers|Exercise
14.5 Triangles Answers|Exercise

Topic 15: Data Analysis

15.1 Mean, Median, and Mode Answers|Exercise
15.2 Circle Graphs Answers|Exercise
15.3 Bar Graphs Answers|Exercise
15.4 Frequency Tables Answers|Exercise
15.5 Identifying Outliers Answers|Exercise

Topic 16: Measurement and Tools

16.1 Converting Customary Units Answers|Exercise
16.2 Converting Metric Units Answers|Exercise
16.3 Using a Compass Answers|Exercise
16.4 Using a Protractor Answers|Exercise
16.5 Converting Between Systems with Benchmarks Answers|Exercise

Topic 17: Expressions and Equations

17.1 Evaluating Expressions Answers|Exercise
17.2 Writing Expressions and Equations Answers|Exercise
17.3 Simplifying Expressions Answers|Exercise
17.4 Writing and Graphing Inequalities Answers|Exercise

Topic 18: Ratios, Rates, and Proportions

18.1 Ratios Answers|Exercise
18.2 Rates Answers|Exercise
18.3 Proportions Answers|Exercise
18.4 Simple Interest Answers|Exercise
18.5 Percents and Proportions Answers|Exercise

Topic 19: Functions and Graphs

19.1 Linear Patterns Answers|Exercise
19.2 Function Rules Answers|Exercise
19.3 Direct Variation Answers|Exercise
19.4 Graphs of Equations Answers|Exercise
19.5 Variables Answers|Exercise
19.6 Slopes of Horizontal and Vertical Lines Answers|Exercise

Topic 20: Counting

20.1 Tree Diagrams Answers|Exercise
20.2 Counting Principle Answers|Exercise
20.3 Permutations Answers|Exercise
20.4 Combinations Answers|Exercise
20.5 Sample Space Answers|Exercise

Topic 21: Square Roots

21.1 Square Roots Answers|Exercise
21.2 Approximating Square Roots Answers|Exercise
21.3 Adding and Subtracting Square Root Expressions Answers|Exercise
21.4 Simplifying Square Roots Answers|Exercise

Topic 22: Properties of Exponents

22.1 Product of Powers Property Answers|Exercise
22.2 Quotient of Powers Property Answers|Exercise
22.3 Zero and Negative Exponents Answers|Exercise
22.4 Scientific Notation Answers|Exercise

Topic 23: Angles and Lines

23.1 Angles of Triangles Answers|Exercise
23.2 Angles of Polygons Answers|Exercise
23.3 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Answers|Exercise
23.4 Parallel Lines and Transversals Answers|Exercise

Topic 24: Algebraic Properties

24.1 Properties of Addition and Multiplication Answers|Exercise
24.2 Properties of Equality Answers|Exercise
24.3 Properties of Inequality Answers|Exercise
24.4 Properties of Exponents Answers|Exercise